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Same gripping story with a new attitude!
Revisit the juicy diaries of Candice Kane, Bebe Fabian and Rayne Bryant. This is what really happens in Beverly Hills.
Available in eBook and paperback.

ALSO AVAILABLE!  The scandalous follow-up in the Mulholland Diaries series.... THE HOLLYWOOD GIRL!   

Alexia's story is such that Hollywood doesn't want you to know it. Revealing, heartbreaking and shocking!

THE MULHOLLAND DIARIES is so Juicy, even its author can't put it down!

The Mulholland Diaries, the jaw dropping novel that tells all about what really happens among the Beverly Hills elite.
 By L'vette Sonai  - Get hooked with your copy today!
*Coming Summer 2014, THE HOLLYWOOD GIRL (The Mulholland Diaries series, book 2)

Candice Kane married the man of her dreams and he gave her the world. Still she wonders, 'if I had it to do all over again, would I make the same decisions?' Eventually a woman reaches a point when she asks, is it worth it?

August 2013 - In Bavarlee Bernstein's Let Me Tell Your Story web series: Top Ten Authors episode.  L'vette Sonai's THE MULHOLLAND DIARIES takes the top spot!
It's Summer and there's no better time to enjoy reading THE MULHOLLAND DIARIES. Heat up your vacation just a bit more!

L'vette Sonai in Malibu...

“L'vette Sonai's chick lit novel The Mulholland Diaries world is the good life of luxury as the sun sets on legendary Broad Beach...The good life costs some women their dignity but not Candice Kane… I really adored reading this passionate, romantic love story that honors women, it doesn't portray Sonai's heroine as a victim.” 
~ Elissa Eaton, Hollywood playwright and author of the hip novel, Too Old to be a Hooker, Too Young to be a Madam


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I don't know if readers ever consider how it feels for an author. To know that perhaps thousands of miles away, someone is curled up with, chilling out on a beach or lying under the covers and are totally immersed in my words. An author is willing to hand over his or her thoughts and a bit of their heart to complete strangers, in hopes that they 'get it'. - Whatever the story, the tale, the overt confession that spills onto the pages, and whether it's 1,000 copies sold or twenty million, I think that inside an author is always thinking....Thank you so much for enjoying my work.
~L'vette xoxo
The Mulholland Diaries is so JUICY that even its author can't put it down!

March 2014 ~
Attending the Multicultural Motion Picture Association's "Night Before The Oscars" benefit gala at the Andaz hotel in West Hollywood.

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